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Discover the Many
Uses of Compost!
Compost Increases

 Soil Organic matter

 Water Holding

 Soil Health

 Soil Nutrients



Fresh, locally produced Harvest Blend Compost is the solution for all soil types, adding vital nuturents and structure, increasing porosity and water holding capacity. Produced by Engel & Gray Regional Compost Facility, the only commercial compost facility on the Central Coast, Harvest Blend Compost is STA Certified by the US Composting Council, ensuring quality compost products with maximum results! When you're in the market for compost, look for Harvest Blend Compost. Naturally!


Amending soil with a few inches of Harvest Blend Compost improves soil structure, porosity, and density to ensure a healthier root environment.

 increases water holding capacity of soil so water is used more efficiently; supplies vital organic matter to soil; and stabilizes soil pH, improving soils’ ability to retain nutrients. Click to see how quickly compost can help your garden grow!


Filling up our trusty HB trailer with compost for delivery to local schools

Over the past two weeks, Los Berros Elementary in Lompoc along with Orcutt Jr. High, Lakeview Jr. High, and the Boys & Girls Club in Santa Maria, have received help for their parched soil in the form of compost and topsoil.  

Engel & Gray, Inc. has donated more than 430 cubic feet of compost and 375 cubic feet of topsoil to these schools in an effort to counteract effects of California's high temps and drought conditions. Adding organic matter in the form of compost and topsoil helps improve and protect valuable soil and most importantly, helps conserve valuable water resources. 

Know of a school garden in need of some TLC? Call 805-925-2771 or click to speak with one of our friendly reps. 


International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the compost industry. It is celebrated nationwide and in other countries each year during the first full week of May. The goal of the program is to raise public awareness of the benefits and uses of compost.

In recognition of International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW), Engel & Gray and Harvest Blend Compost will celebrate the importance of organics recycling with a City Council Proclamation;  lobby window display in the Santa Maria Public Library; wrapping it all up with our 12th Annual Workshop/Compost and Vegetable distribution. Date/location to be announced.

The theme for ICAW 2020 is Soil Loves Compost, based on the idea that Soil Loves Compost because compost feeds soil! Soil is alive and needs nourishment to be healthy. With healthy soil you grow healthy plants. Soil Loves Compost because it provides food and nutrients for living microbes that make up healthy soil. Without compost we would have few ways to enrich and restore soil. Compost keeps soil strong and healthy by reusing and recycling organic materials in a “zero waste” cycle. Compost keeps our soil happy and it keeps our planet healthy. Soil Loves Compost! To learn more about why compost is so good for soil, click here

To learn more about how you can get involved with ICAW or plan an event in your community, click here to read the attachment Celebrate ICAW Manual.


Learn from Joe Lamp'l, of Growing a Greener World, how Certified Compost is the ideal product for all landscape projects.


Healthy soil is a 'tool' that mankind needs to survive. Healthy soil is one of nature's key tools in recycling, cleaning, and preserving our environment. this living, breathing organism that surrounds us makes all life, as we know it, possible.We need to save the soil, not only for plants, but for people as well. Soil is made up of many organic and inorganic components, living and nonliving. Soil organic matter is transient in nature and must be continually replinished. Locally produced, recycled organic matter is abundantly available to do just that in the form of COMPOST! Compost is a great tool but not all compost is created equal, which is why everyone should specify "Certified Compost" for all landscape projects, no matter the size.

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